Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm about to post a new video of lissy trullie, but it's failed. so I give you a link,
maybe you want to see ( just see, yo will love her lol ) > Lissy Trullie - boy boy ( official)

Lissy Trullie is a band, but she use her name for her own band, she still indie ( I guees)
but she already well know right now, expecially for people who like fashion, I'm sure
you know her. she have a really good voice, well kind of heavy voice, but cool. her styl
also great, she always used black punk leather jacket ( I want one!!) where ever she go.
she friends with cory kennedy, adam green, the virgins (love them), mark rhonson, peaches geldof,
and lots of famous people ( in fashion & music).here some picture :

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