Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't forget my cigarette and take something that we can trade

last week I had fun at PIM, even I had a little fight with my dad ( always ). and I see at the music store there yeah yeah yeahs new album, but I didn't sure that the album cause the cover is really simple, just a white background and a hand who hold an egg that already been smash to the floor lol ( I can't explain correctly I guess ), so I just gonna check at their website after I post this.

I write this on 2 am (which in my country is almost morning ), I'm waiting for my photo being upload by photobucket, it's sure take a long time.

I'm still having a problem with the
cause I'm still don't know which one is the best? my blogger friends said that John casablanca is the best, but I read somewhere in google that the modeling school had been tear down ( already gone ), but I'm not quite sure that's true I haven't check yet. so I still need help here.

I post the picture as fast as I could

what I hear? > the strokes - you only live once

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