Saturday, September 19, 2009

come and see

I watch horse man with my brother and my best friend cinta, before we go to watch , cinta who had her birthday at sep 5 treat me today, so we eat at sushi tei, our fav. place, we really had a great time there, we took some funny picture, also cinta took my picture with her new polaroid camera, we also talking about her new boyfriend who really crazy lol, after that we watch the movie,the movie is weird , full of blood and sadistic things, I kinda like it actually, this the first time I watch movie and hold my hand friend, so funny lol.

here some picture for today :

our food

plaid pant from zara also the bag too

I will post the picture from cinta camera later :)


  1. kyahahaha so much fun ! let's do it again someday :D

  2. @ ai : yeaaaah let's do it again! :D