Thursday, September 24, 2009

your english is good

this my 3 days at singapore, on my first hotel I didn't get connection to internet, so we move from that hotel and now I get connection to internet , yippi! lol. So it's hot here at afternoon but at earl morning and night it will be cold, but not to me , I sleep only wear a legging and t-shirt there, hohohoho. Anyway actually I don't know what I want to write in here, so I'm just gonna post picture at my camera. ( from airplane until today )
sorry for the tittle, I just love that song so much!! <3<3<3

* that what I wear at airport*

* wear the hat cause hot outside*

* yeah I love my legs and my legging from uniqlo*

* wish I had the mirror like this*

* I found cole street xDDD*

* I can't get enough with cole street lol*

* my brother admire something*

* really a cool pleasures*

* I wear my sis shoes my sis wear mine lol*


  1. wheee s'pore!
    udah lama jg ga kesana, jd pengen lg - -"

  2. @ ai : hahaha sini2 yuk, bosen juga klo jln gk da tmn lol, pnas bgt tpi di sni -__-"