Monday, September 21, 2009

live the life you have

tomorrow I'll be gone to singapore with my family, I just hope it will be a great holiday :D, last day I visit singapore when I was very little kid, my age around 7/8, so I could say I don't really remember what singapore look like lol
I'm finish packing the cloth that I will bring to there but I haven't finish pack for the things that I will carry on my own bag, like camera, ipod, book, some snack, etc , and I'm thinking how I bring 4 camera in one bag! hope there will be enough place to put my stuff on my zara bag. well I looking for polaroid film 600 at singapore, also maybe I could find a cute camera with a low price, and of course cloth, shoe, and everything, I can't wait to take a lot's of picture there.
I will try to keep update from there :). leave you with my old picture with cinta and my old hair, I love short hair but I keep my long hair now.

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