Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm so tired

know something funny?
you said to me that everything will be allright
and funny I believe you soo easy like this
and now I regret it

you become something that I hate
you eat you're own words!
and you don't realize
no you don't realize at all!

seem like problems love me a lot's
they wont let me free
they stick to me
like a fucking stamp!

now you fight again
again, again and again
I used to see you fight like that
but not for now

I had enough!
I don't want to always take this shit!
I have patience too!
I have temper too!

and "you" , oh I just wish you realize
something had change
change from good to bad
very bad

this written is wasteless
and probably so am I ?!

I used to being alone
I used to be left out
I used to lost someone that I love
I used to lost someone that I care
but I DON'T WANT to lose YOU

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