Monday, September 7, 2009

you hair is as good as mine


I'm sure everyone know irina lazareanu, she a great model and an Icon to me
I'm sure for everybody out there too. So irina have been "gone" at runaway
and all her fans at tfs all panic and miss her
including myself, and finally she come out with her new hair, short hair.
which it's surprise everyone cause she used to know as a models who have a really great hair lol
I also adore her long hair.
At the first time I can't stand with her new hair, it's just remind me of Tao.
But then I look her picture again , again, and again, and I'm thinking
"hell with her hair! she still look great and she come back!"
so she still my Icon :)


( irina *and her long hair* & peter doherty)


  1. I love irina, shes look great in short or long hairs :)


  2. @ june : me too, well she amazing in every way :)