Monday, October 19, 2009

hard time follow with the truth

I'm having a hard time for this month
lot's of crying, lot's pain, lot's hurting, lot's trowing my stuff to the ground
and writing my felling on the wall ( and the floor)
I'm having a test month so more stress time
I just finish math test and historical test today
math is hard, I hate math,sorry
historical half easy, well at least I could answer all of the question
but not really sure true or false.
tomorrow I have economic and indonesia languace test
I'm worry with economic, so I will study hard for that.
so I'm sure some of you love you're school life but not to me
I don't love my school at all, probably because I don't have a friend that's really 'clik' with me
but I do have a friends
and the teacher is shit, well ... some of them fine but some of time just a shit.
and I'm not lying about this. is the truth.
anyway I'm just want to quickly finish school and start college
I'm sure it will be hard, but at least I'm free from that school, so pray for me so I could get a good score
everything went well and smooth and the moment I'm waiting for is come , FREE FROM SCHOOL LIFE !!

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  1. :) be patient dear, i do have a same things when i was at high school haha, good luck for the test :D