Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Day everyone/ facehunter coming.

taken by : my sister

today it's Halloween Day!! so Happy Halloween day everyone!
did you ready to dress up and scared people lol, I really like Halloween, even I'm not celebrating Halloween, I love Halloween. It's fun to see people dressing up with their own imagination , and with their own style of course. Actually My sister and I want to make a party for Halloween day, and I want to invite my best friends cinta for make that party, but then my sister have college to do, cinta at bandung :(, and we have no one to invite too, kinda sad but it's okay to me. so I'm sure that anyone know facehunter right? if you don't know, well he just like us , blogger who really success right now, and his blog has already been listed as one of the good blog for fashion blog. He used to travel around the world/ country to find people who have a great style that could stole his eye's and he will took of picture of them and post to his blog. And right now he will come to Jakarta!! I can't believe this but he did, he will be here at early November, from 1 - 5 November, more information here . I WANTED to see him, I'm sure you want too , right girls? lol, he make a party at Wednesday 4th Nov. @ 9pm 365 Eco Bar (next to Aksara Kemang) Free Entry , more info here . I really really really want to go there and meet him, but I'm not sure I could come , is a school day ( damn you school !! ) and then it's really at night ( which my father won't let me :( ), and plus is a bar , I can't even enter a bar !!! ( yup I can't ) . So I probably couldn't meet him which a nightmare to me , I'm really sad about this, I keep thinking and looking a way to come and met him, c'mon guys! it's once time on my life facehunter will be at Jakarta !!!. So anybody could help me ???


  1. ohh happy halloweeen :D
    i wish i could spent yesterday with you guys -.-"