Wednesday, October 28, 2009

one night only ( with you )

introducing you one night only band from Helmsley , England. this band is my fav. songs for this month and fav. Christoper bailey too. They already formed since 2003 and I know them on 2009, isn't that sad?. it's all start when I watch Burberry fashion show on tv, I saw a man who walking with a grumpy face / "blah" face while he was modelling, I'm just like "his funny", and then I start to looking for this man. I love Burberry for such a long time, and I know this man already been used by Christoper Bailey quite a lot's, from the campaign and the fashion show. I'm really interest to him, so I try anything to know about this man. And I found out that his a musician, who have a indie rock band. I found the band name and try to find them at myspace, which I found it.

And now I follow them, their songs is totally great. they got energy that could make people want to listen to them and pay attention to their songs. I'm totally in love with one of their songs, called you & me ( I play this songs like a hundred time ), the lyric not long very simple and just straight to the point of the meaning, it's really great, even the music make me want to jump and sing out loud. Other songs that I like is just for tonight, again the lyric is simple and very easy to understand, but I love it.

they already have one album called started a fire out 2007 - 2008, sadly their album didn't out at my country so I have to work hard to get their songs. inside the album they got 10 songs, including you & me and just for tonight. The album has had a certification of gold in the UK with sales over 100,000, congratulation for them, and now their working on a second album, some of track that I know that will be inside the album are Intention Confidential, A Thousand Dreams, Daydream, Live it up, and This is a Hurricane, I haven't got the songs but I will looking for them. I really wish their second album out at my country, so just pray for it. So good luck for their second album I'll be waiting. xxx

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