Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pull and Bear Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Look Book

more at : tfs

zippora for lookbook pull & bear , yippi!!
love her so much, of course love the whole collection too.
pull & bear is my second fav. store for shoping
number one will be zara
I really want the whole cloth for picture number, with the hat of course
I've been adoring that kind jacket for a long time but I don't have money :(
for the shoes at this collection, is just perfect, I will hunter one of the shoes.
they look yummy lol

ps : zippora is everywhere, she did pull & bear, lonely heart, mink pink , and other indie brand happy for her :)


  1. What a gorgeous collection, Ive been looking for a jacket like that to, I thought I may have to try vintage stores, but this is gorgeous!

  2. I love this lookbook so mcuh! the clothes are absolutely fantastic! :)



  3. @styleontrack : same here, sadly I don't find any vintage store in here :(
    natalie : great you like it! xxx