Saturday, March 14, 2009

don't late those people bring us down

I go to grand indonesia today for hung out with my family, mostly I end up hung out with my sister xD.
some picture that I & my sis took today :

( waiting for my order come)

(found this big chair at shoes store, and my sis take rest there)

( inside fitting room)

( our cloth)

(stupid face)

( want some caffe ?)

( my order is java chip, taste really great!)

( being a stupid with my sis)

(my face is really amused lol)

That's all for today, wish me luck for my test on monday !

what I hear right now? > The Virgins - Fernando Pando


  1. thank you dear ! it's in possible for me to describe in words how much i love your blog :--------)

  2. love the first pic xD
    ciee ulangan, ganbatte !

  3. @ slain> probably you could be a follower for my blog ? 8D, anyway thanz x))

    @ai > thanz 8DD