Saturday, March 7, 2009

I can only wondering to the man who would be the king

I just back from PIM ( name of mall ), I go there to met my friends, Ai, well there was 2 person that came along with Ai, but I just realize that I didn't know who their name lol, sorry about that, I absolutely forget to ask for their name. so anyway I go there to watch a movie, name of the movie is " kambing jantan" (bahasa), in english it will be " cow male " lol xDDD.
the movie is great, it's so fucking funny, I laugh so hard, not only me, the whole people there was laugh so hard.
after that we go to toilet, looking for toilet not near from the movie place, cause it's really crowded, found one not really far from there, just go to down for one floor, but it's crowded too, so I chose to wait there. and then we went to burger king, Ai friends want to buy some burger, ma and Ai decided to take a shit and I borrow her lovely camera and took some picture of her, and myself, she also do the same to me, she even took picture with a magazine that I bought, it was SPIN magazine with Yeah Yeah Yeahs as a cover, the inside of the magazine was awesome!, I took picture of her holding Nick picture, the result of the picture it's with her, I really wish I could show it here.
after all of that Ai and her friends went home, so I back to my family who was there too. find my sister at the bookstore, she bought new nylon, with kristen stewart on cover, she also bought bob dylan cd, that's really make me happy \o/.
I bought two new cloth, it's really cute and I really love it, my sister bought one jacket at Zara, the jacket is cool, the print of the jacket like leopard print but the color is grey. and finally I went home.

( to Ai> give me the result of the picture, all of them :)) )

what I hear right now > radiohead - Nude