Sunday, March 8, 2009

you're so clever, but you're not very wise

some picture that I took yesterday with Ai ( my lovely friends ) camera :

( wait for her friends bought burger king)( she used my pedora hat xD )

( while waiting decide to open magazine that I bought, karen O amazing picture in there )

( give a peace a chance )

( SPIN magazine that I bought, yeah yeah yeahs on cover )

( Nick Zinner, our favorite picture )

( after couple of our , her friends came back )

( after that, their decide to went home )

Ai do the same to me, she took some picture of me too :

( my "childish" expression lol )

( why I look so sleepy ? )

( this one taken by me xDD )

What i hear right now ? > The virgins - love is colder than Death

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