Monday, March 30, 2009

you don't have to point anything like that

( my skin not that white, it's just a light)

that's a picture of my new haircut, well I already cut my hair for quite long and I forget to post here, I use my mother phone nokia, the picture no so good.

and I'm still learning with my new camera, I'm thinking to give my camera a NAME, weird I know, but I love to, but until know I can't find a good name for my camera, anyone could give me an idea? 8D

what I hear right now? > the virgins - one week of dangers ( I love them!)


  1. wah lucu tuh, gw jg blm dpt nama buat kamera gw
    pdahal dah brapa lama tuh awkawkwkwk

  2. @ Ai> iyakan 8DD, mkannya gw mau ngasih nma tpi blm dpt ide -3-