Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally out

( me and sponge by ai )

so I finally out from my house, I go to senci ( senayan city ) also plaza senayan xDD, I go with Ai. It's really fun, so many funny things happen while we there. It's tired too because we just like we go to one store to another store or from one place to another place and so on, so yeah it's make our feet it's "broken" lol. But like I said before, it's fun, it will be always fun if I go with her, expecially if we bring our "lover" a.k.a our camera, so it never be boring to me if I with her. Ai buy SPIN magazine with The Dead Weather as the cover, so alison is inside the magazine, also with jack white, the picture is awesome! alison always make every simple shoot of her look very awesome, she only wear a black skinny jeans, black leather jacket, and white torn shirt, which it's already cool to me and also Ai , yeah we alison lover lol. We also get flirting by some "guys" well if I could said that, actually by some kids lol xDDD, I don't know why that happen , but it's so funny to us. I was keep saying to Ai " ooh c'mon kids! I'm already senior high school, and Ai, she already not school means college " xDD, We also make some stupid video on Ai phone, sadly I couldn't post here, anyway I had a great time to day :))

what I hear ? : sondre lerche - two way monologue



  1. huahauhauahua why always kids flirting to me? huhuhu

  2. @ ai : because you look like them? lol *ruuuuun*