Tuesday, June 2, 2009

yeah yeah yeah scream NYLONTV!

the new cover for nylon is yeah yeah yeahs!!! *dancing*, I already bought it and I don't regret it at all, inside and out  all of them just awesome, if I have scanner I will be scan yeah yeah yeahs like right know! sadly I don't have it. nylon just a fit magazine for people like me, who love fashion, music, & photography, all of them is inside the magazine.  anyway just see their website if you want to see half of their interview, it's funny to read.
they also give 22 free songs, sadly for people who have itunes account, I do have itunes but I don't have account itunes, cause is pay and indonesian not on the list * crying out loud* TT.TT
so people who have account and get that cool songs, please share with me!!! 


  1. hahaha mau nylon nyaaaangg ;>w<;

  2. @ ai : buy it! or you regret later lol xDDD