Thursday, June 25, 2009

GOTM alison mosshart

I want to post so many info that I git today, it make me don't know where I have to start lol. so anyway lets start from girl of the month from W.W.W is Alison Mosshart!! ( dancing around the rooms lol )

* cheers for her *

I'm really really happy finally she get on W.W.W , I read some comment from a people who not like her style, their say her style is trash, or not good, and other shit thing that I'm to lazy to write here. I know everyone have a right to say their opinion, but for this, SCREW ALL OF YOU!! LOL. I love her, she got a very different style from other girl, she also not afraid to be weird and unique, she always wear something that she like/love/comfortable to her and didn't care about other people comments, plus she got AWESOME band, FYI for a girl who comment on W.W.W said "ugh! who is she! her style so trash! ", where have you been?! she the vocalist of an amazing band name The Kills. I may to excessive about her, but I'm mean it! lol.

what I hear ? : M.I.A - paper planes


  1. congrats for alison ~ ! XD
    what?!! she called alison's style a TRASH ?! she's might be 'BUTA FASHION' HAHAHAHA
    alison's style is cool like you said,
    well she might be 'sirik tanda tak mampu' i think wkwkwk :D
    anyway why she looks so 'cute' in that pic? *points at her smile* lol

  2. @ ai : hahahahaha I'm soooo agree with you xDDDD
    yeah she is, she awesome, and I could said that a thousand times lol. Yeah probably you right. she is cute, but she not always show us that :DD