Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aye aye captain!

so I finally watch star trek, and it's was awesome!! man... I love that movie so bad, the story, the picture, the people, and the style lol. so everyone who already watch star trek basically their falling in love with captain kirk who played by chris pane, or the spock ( like him too ), but not to me, I really really fell in love with * drum back sound lol* is ......... CHEKOV!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love him, when I watch the movie, I could heard his accent talking really clearly, and I was like " who that's guy??", after done with the movie, I tell my sister and she told me that she like chekov too. After that my sis told me that the guy who play chekov is anton yelchin, I read his bio on wikipedia and found out that he play on terminator too, which I haven't see it , but I'm curious to know that film too. And I'm looking more about him , and the more I know him the more I like him lol. sound stupid I know, but I don't care. anyway his voice and the way his talking that I really feel in love. While I write this , I found out that I already like him since I saw him at some weird movie, called "Fierce People" as Finn Earl. I saw that film a long time ago, when me and family go to bandung and stay at the hotel, I'm the only person who watch that film cause I couldn't sleep that night, my comment when I watch that film is " what a weird film", but after a couple of hour it's turn out as a great movie to watch, beside at that time I'm curious to know who that cute guy? lol, after the film is finish, I just staring at the tv and really amazed by the film, but then my mom wake up and she see that I'm still awake at 2 o'clock, make me have to sleep right away! . And that the first time I "meet" anton yelchin, and I'm really happy to see him again on 2009 :))



  1. of course, he is a baby like you

  2. @ anonymous : what? what did you mean? who are you?