Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love your bones

( sourche : tfs )

iekeline stange, my baby quirky stylish weird pretty doll LOL xDDD
I love her since first time I see her on go girl magazine ( indonesian fashon magazine ), and until now even she change her color to blonde, I still love her so much.

today when I'm back from the school ( I'm back late cause I had to do a remedial test lol ), once again I've being left alone with my family, it's a houndred time they do that, luck me I bring a copy key to open the doors, so I could go inside the house. I'm really hungry that time cause I'm haven't lunch yet, so I change my cloth and start looking for a food, but I found out there isn't any food left for me, my head start dizzy, so I decided to make a noddle. I listen to ipod to make me feel not really silent, I listen to the kooks while I cook my noddle, after finish with my "hunger" problem. Now I'm at my brother room, typing this boring story while listen to weezer - hunt you everyday, and thinking " why when I need someone, no one is around me, this suck"

ps : I make a cup of tea now, my fav. tea, green tea. but the tea is different, it's twining earl grey tea, the smell is really good. enjoy the tea with weezer songs (hold me ), it's make the taste more bitter.

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