Sunday, June 14, 2009

bring old memories

( sourche : tumblr)

I just back from GEJE UI , an japan event. that picture above is what I feeling right now, what is love? all I know love is blind, hurt, suck!. anyway It was fun today, I meet all of my friends that I really miss, also Ai too. But some of them kind of ignoring me, I don't know that just my feeling or is it true or not, but that how I feel. Probably that couldn't accept me for my change, so I don't care, I love myself,and I'm still me!. I met my enemy too, well she not change at all , always try to be the famous one and the "gaul" one LOL XDD. But I also get a good friends beside me, like Ai * I luv U lol*, dhani * thank you so much *, asu * man you killing me! *, anya * always be my cute kitty *, so I guees I'm doing great. But I met my ex- boyfriends too, well the goood thing is we didn't fight at all, we just sit & talk to each other , he still nice to me, but I don't know he nice to me because he want something for me or not, I don't know, anyway I'm happy to met him, I do. sadly, I couldn't meet someone that I really want to see, nothing special, I'm just curious lol. Anyway I had a great time "playing" with Ai, try to steal her cute white Lomo, but I failed lol xDDD. okay time to go, had a great night everyone :).

what I hear? : Radiohead - Knives out

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  1. i love you too LOL
    whee you won't steal my child! (my lomo) definetly not!
    i will post the result of lomo
    kalo udah di cetak ye XD

    btw, your enemy? the one you told try to be a guy like you, huh?
    hahaha don't worry you're more awesome, famous and 9aHoeL than her wkwkwkwk