Friday, January 23, 2009

back to 505

well today is weekend, do nothing but play my computer,I forget to tell it that my sister bought me two vcd, one is the beatles video vcd and with their very old documentaries, witch is very cool and the second is arctic monkeys concert vcd, already watched half but not full, so today my sis watch the vcd arctic monkeys at apollo concert, while me, playing computer, and suddenly my sis calling me *with very loud voice*, and open my room door and said " take a look!", I just give reaction "what?", she just running go to living room and I follow her go there, and she play the video .
and alex appears on my tv, talk something like "thank you2", I said to my sis, "what is it? it's just alex", and my sis said, "look's behind him!", so I did look behind alex back,I just see jamie cook,who ready to play some other song, and some crew of arctic monkeys behind him, and suddenly I see a guy wearing a black sweater and jeans, he put his red guitar on his shoulder, and my eye's won't believe with what I see, I'm thinking "I know that guitar!!",and he turn his back and the camera show his face, and I scream . . .

" Miles Kane?!!!!, holly shit!!!"

yeah I did scream, even alex voice can't win from my voice, my voice was really loud, well that's what people said to me.

so miles appears on arctic monkeys concert, he play two song, the first song I didn't know what the song name,and the second song he play 505, which is my favorite song, and I love the guitar play at that song, but I didn't know that miles who the one played the guitar part. I can describe how my felling at that time, it's really make me want to cry, but I'm not. finally I can see how he play if it's live show, it's really amazing, I just can't find a word to described how he play.

so thanz to miles kane for put a smile on my face and make my day more bright.

and thanz for arctic monkeys,who invite miles play on their concert.

( I post today but the story already yesterday)


  1. miles kane, i love him so much. haha we have to same taste in music.

  2. reallly? whoa! it's cool, well It's make me want to know you more x))