Wednesday, January 7, 2009

amazing people

5) Irina Lazareanu & Freja Beha
* I love both, their amazing*

6) Alison Mosshart 
* I adore everything about her*
7) John Lennon
*I can't say anything about him*

well, it's not all actually, but if I write all of them that will be so many, maybe I just give the name :
8) my sister * believed or not*
9) Alex Turner * he wrote many good song*
10) Cory Konnedy * she really a good styler*
11) Miles Kane * He amazing*
12) Kurt Cobain * amazing person*
13) Sid Vicious * I wish he still alive*

I think it's enough, many people in this world and they all amazing, I'm sure that. Every people have their own shine, that's why I'm sure all people are amazing x)).  And many people that I really not know or just past by in my daily life change my life too.


  1. wow thnx 4 being new follower=)
    i love agy too!
    cool blog!

  2. no problem x))
    Yeah I love her too 8D
    thanz for look into my blog =)