Monday, January 26, 2009

Free as a bird

( I steal this from Ai and make some different change question, also little more about me)

name : Anchi
real name : hell secret lol
nick name : anchi, chi, chiru.
born : 28 | 03| 93
age : I'm 15 ( many people not believe me with my age, they said my face look more older )
school : 5 senior high school / XI social 2
current residence : hah?
blood type : Idk
w/h : 45 kg (I have to work out more) / 155 cm (shit! I want more taller )
eyes : sometime black, sometime brown xD
hair : black
piercing : I have two actually, but I lost one so only left one xD
tatoos : none.
cigaratte : marlboro menthol
cellphone : w380i
pc : mac (not mine but I often used it ) and toshiba black and silver
pets : none ( I want cat T.T)
interest : music, ark, photography, fashion, models
hobbies : browsing, photograph, listen to music, play guitar, sing etc
fav foods : sushi, jelly, ice cream, strawberry, pizza, noddles.
fav drinks : strawberry juice, green tea, mineral water.
fav movies : The pianist, band of brother, saving private ryan, sign, juno, this is england, An american crimes, oxport murder, a lot.
fav music : anything except dangdut xD
fav art-ist : CLAMP ,tomoko hayakawa, tinhead.
fav photographer : hedi slimane, cobra snake, nick "eyegrode", dave ma, jack bevan (he not photographer but he always take a really good picture with his camera x) )
fav bands : the beatles,foals, the gazette, the libertines, arctic monkeys,babyshambles , the rascals, Oasis, a lot.
fav vocalist : pete doherty, carl barat, alison moshart, ruki, john lennon, bob dylan, shena ringo.
fav guitarist : pete doherty, jamie hince, miles kane, jimmy,yannis.
fav songs : too many.
fav cloth brand : zara, topshop, paul and bear, indie brand.
fav models : agyness deyn, kate moss, irina lazarianu, freja beha, behati prinsloo, valentine, lara stone.
hates : liars, Racism, annoying, copycats, people who judge others in the cover, AGJ.
obsession : canon / nikon camera, lomo, have a band, go college a board, models xD, more good at guitar.


  1. to cathy > yeah I love him too x))

    to ai > ayok2, bkin kyk the kills LOL XDD

  2. wah bagus tuh ayok2 hehehe lol lol


  3. JAH mana mau gw kasih nama asli gw!!!!! xDDD