Saturday, January 17, 2009

merry go round

fuuh very tired today, I go to wedding invention, the one who married is one of my childhood friends,she more older than me, but after I'm move I never meet her again, and I met her today , she already married, it's really sweet to see, but really boring too,cause she not really remember me so I didn't talk with her at all, but I hope her life after this married will be good.

at my way home, I see many people smoking outside, it's really make me want to smoke too, but I come with my parent so I can't smoke, they didn't know that I smoke, when I inside the car, I listen to blondelle, I really love their music, especially past control, right now I'm in love with their song, call " other peoples cars", ooh that song always make my head move and star to singing along xD.

well right now, I in my sister room, I play here cause I'm lazy to bring back my laptop to my room, I can't sleep so I end up play my laptop. I have plant to go tomorrow , but I don't where I want to go, and what I'm gonna do if I go, but I want to go, somewhere ...

Sound I play : The Kills - fried my little brains

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