Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and then end up like Joseph bloody in the hole

rain, rain, rain, again, and again, it's already 4 day raining and the rain didn't stop at all! well, is stop sometime, but just for a couple oh hour, well I don't really mind for rainy day, I like rain,but it's very cold in here. today school went very well, yeah someone that I used to like is talk to me again even just for borrow my books, he borrow my book twice, and like usually, he never say thank you to me, wait! no he did say it on the first one, but the second one his not, well not important.

I got news that pete got shot in his hand, well if it's true hope he alright, and he make solo album too!, I want it soooo bad, I really wait that album, already hear one song, and it's really good!, hope I can buy his album.

anothe news from arctic monkeys, said that their already got single come out, I don't know what the song is, but I bet the song good! wait their new album too.

And The Strokes, I wait their new album too, said that will come out in this year *yippie!!* , I miss julian casablanca voice, and I really wonder how the song it's gonna be, hope it's great!

god! it''s fucking cold! I already wear jacket and it's still cold, got my legs freezing right now. I done nothing special today, except I took a stupid picture today :

* idk why, but I like it lol *

* you can see my old toys up there *

well enough for today, see you!

Sound I play : blondelle - wonder


  1. wehehehe jadi teringat akan main lego drumah lo xDD

  2. wkwkwkwkwwkw zaman kpn tuh mbak?? xDDDD

  3. ai > zaman apaan tuh??!!! xDDDD

    slaimejifolie > thank you so much x))