Saturday, January 10, 2009

you won't come back

my last day of weekend , shit I really lazy to go back to school tomorrow. Nothing special today, yesterday I really tired, I go to 3 place in one day. well my dad looking for a tv LCD, look's like he want to buy one, and I'm looking for a camera, already have one actually but the quality picture not really good so I really want the new one, but look's like I have to buy with my own money. alright enough of that camera stuff, yeah sadly my father look's so confused witch one he want to buy and end up with not buying any! shit! my foot already fucking hurt waiting at that electronic store, but after that I go to the mall for pick up my sister and my brother, after that again, finally I go to another mall again, just for walking around and for my father who still looking that tv,  yeah actually it's truly just fooling around xDDD, but I bought one jacket, it's really cool and I really like it, and I took some picture with my sister, I show you if I have mood to upload here. I guess just that.

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