Monday, January 12, 2009

I can't life without music

Not so good today. well my life never been so good, so I think it's normal, I had fight today with my parents, just a stupid thing not really important actually,but I'm really take well today, no angry or bad mood happen to me, still ipod save my day today x)).
someone asked me, what band that really save your life, well I like to give my answer here, even the person not here xD

(it's random)
1) Foals *this unique band make me feel everything different*
2) The Gazette * this always in my life *
3) The Beatles * I don't like them before, but now I respect this band so much*
4) The Libertines * bad moon come, this on!*
5) Babyshambles * good lyric pete x3*
6) The Kills * fucking lovely! *
7) Arctic monkeys * never doubt their music*
8) Blood Red Shoes * their music are great *
9) Bloc Party * dance with me? lol *
10) Blondelle * past control my favorite *
11) Blur * weirdness *
12) The Cardigans * I love her voice*
13) Yeah Yeah Yeahs * yeah!!!*
14) shena ringo * her scream is sexy lol*
15) sex pistol * sis vicious! *
16) The Paddingtons * I can't hate them *
17) Oasis * amazing*
18) Amy Macdonald * she really good at writing lyric*
19) The Vines * damn rock!*
20) The Strokes * truly save me *
21) The Rascals * try them! *
22) Lilly Allen * she words are amazing*

well, I think that's all, it's a lot I know, but I really thanz a lot to all this band, their make me survive from this very cruel world lol, and also thanz to god too. alright, sound a little stupid now xDD

I got news today, golden globe on TV right now, and heath ledger win one! yippie! congrats to him, he win for his movie on The Dark Knight as Joker.

that's all I think for today, bye!


  1. wah knapa nchi??
    yg sabar yak, ayo kalo ada masalah cerita sama tante
    lol XD

  2. ah biasa lah, ortu gk jlas -3-
    dah biasa tuh mah xDD
    wkwkwkw tante ktmu lg yukz? lol

  3. wah ayo kpn ? 8D
    tp tante lg sibuk nih

    btw pny lookbook ya?
    jd pengen bkin deh >_<

  4. yah kpn lo bisa lah 8DD

    hahaha iyah punya, walaupun jlek lol
    bkin jah 8D